A one page, typed letter signed on The White House, Washington letterhead, December 18th, 1935. Written by President Roosevelt to Frank C. Walker, an early supporter. In 1931, Walker co-founded the Roosevelt for President Society and in 1932, he became Treasurer of the Democratic National Committee (DNC). Until Roosevelt's death, Walker remained one of his closest advisors. In this letter, Roosevelt expresses to, “…have no alternative but to accept your resignation as Executive Director of the National Emergency Council… In releasing you for the second time from the Executive Directorship of the National Emergency Council I desire to acknowledge the high character of the service which you have rendered at personal inconvenience... When you returned last April, in addition to your other duties as coordinator of emergency activities, you undertook the direction of the Division of Applications and Information in connection with the Works Program. Your rare abilities as an organizer and as an executive were brought constantly into play in the discharge of your duties… The Nation is fortunate when it can enlist the service of public servants of your integrity, capacity for hard work and all around ability…"  Roosevelt continues to praise Walker throughout the letter and ends with parting thoughts of the hope for his return to government service. As it would happen, Walker did indeed return to public service as Postmaster General in 1940, and in that capacity, Walker continued his role as political advisor to Roosevelt, often taking part in matters far removed from the Post Office. For instance, during the negotiations which preceded the December, 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor, he was in regular contact with Japanese Ambassador, Nomura. Several years later, in 1943, Walker became Chairman of the DNC, serving until 1944. In 1945, President Truman appointed Walker as a member of the first U.S. delegation to the United Nations. This is a wonderful letter, offering a glimpse into the personal relationship between Roosevelt and his friend and accomplished political ally, Frank C. Walker. Boldly signed and in fine condition.    $795