A one page, typed letter signed by George Bush as President, on White House letterhead, undated, c. January-March, 1990. “Thank you for your thoughtful letter about throwing out the first baseball of the new season. Your idea of putting the ball into play instead of exchanging it with the catcher is an interesting one, and I’ll remember it. Like baseball fans everywhere, I’m sure you share my hope that the current player-owner dispute is quickly resolved so we’ll have games to enjoy. Thank you again for writing. Sincerely, George Bush.” The baseball agreement between owners and players had expired in December, 1989. A threatened lockout of spring training camps had begun on February 15th, 1989, when talks broke down between owners and the players’ union. On March 19th, 1990, a new agreement was reached. Most of spring training was wiped out and that season had to be extended to accommodate the new schedule. $595